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Proof it Begins November 4th

Proof it Begins Nov. 4th Okay, so this video, while a little clickbaity, explains why I am not staying off the streets November 4th and what I think may or may not happen. I know there are a ton of videos out there talking about this subject and a lot border on conspiracy theory. It’s […]

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My LibertyOne TV Interview

Here’s the Interview I gave not long after my attack. Here’s the first footage of me after CSC Media Group recovered me and had their medic examine me. I look pretty out of it. I’m surprised I didn’t crash my truck looking for a parking lot to park in. I’ve been in that are for […]

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LA Times Gets it All Wrong Again!

Once again the LA Times makes wild guesses based on unsubstantiated claims. For starters there were NO far right protestors present in the park. If anyone on the left got pepper sprayed it was because they were trying to protect themselves from rabid Berkeley Nazi hunters.

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