Erosion of Free Speech in the West

I grew up in a time where freedom of speech was everything. I was proud that in my country, if you wanted to call the sitting president a fucking asshole, you could do that without fear of arrest, or even being ostracized.

Sadly we’ve come to a place in time that you can’t even say what political party you are affiliated with, or question many of the widespread beliefs held by one side of the political spectrum without being labeled as a Nazi, and in danger of being publicly called out and/or assaulted. One would think I speak of life in a communist country or something. I would expect this in North Korea, for example, and not in California of all places.

Free speech seems to be under attack on just about every front. YouTube appears to be setting the wheels in motion to silence anyone on the conservative right. In reality, that has been going on behind the scenes, to one degree or another for a short period of time. Now YouTube appears to be prepared to come out of the shadows and publicly institute a program to destroy channels that have a political bent leaning right, or post anything that can be taken out of context, allowing them to label them as extreme right, and hide their videos under ‘AGEGATE’.

So what’s the big deal? They’re not actually deleting those videos or suspending the channels right? Well, not at the moment they’re not. There are a number of conservative YouTubers who need revenue from their channel to keep ti going. Many such YouTubers rely on that revenue to pay the bills, to keep a roof over their heads, and to feed themselves and their family. Not an easy prospect under any circumstances, and may very well be impossible if a large percentage of your videos are hidden.

Numerous channels are finding that their videos are disappearing. They have become age restricted. To watch those videos you have to sign in and prove your age before watching. That alone will most likely be enough to make the average viewer look to other channels just because it’s easier. If you’re a young person interested in politics, or just what is going on in the world today, the only perspective you’ll get is that of the regressive left because conservative videos are a pain in the ass to view. But that’s not all. Soon those videos won’t even be searchable to anyone who is under eighteen.

So what? People can just lie about their age right? Don’t think for a second that YouTube won’t figure a way to find your real age through another platform or process and still deny you. YouTubers with a right leaning political bent will not be able to have trending videos. How can they get enough views to make a living when no one can even find their videos? And why would anyone be searching for them? You don’t look for things you don’t even know exist.

Do you begin to see the problem here?

Twitter is also falling by the wayside. Jack and company are already suspending conservative opinions, or allowing others to do their dirty work (with or without their help). Ever heard of Riley J Dennis? He’s a male to female transgender… person who seems to have this ungodly power and connections to get people banned from twitter and get YouTubers videos demagnetized and banned if you disagree with him. That’s all I’m saying about him here. I will probably write an article specific to this topic later.

Just recently someone came across a shadow/ban list and on that list were hundreds upon hundreds on conservatives like Paul Joseph Watson, Hunter Avallone, Alex Jones, to name a few. You can bet those guys will soon lose their Twitter accounts if it already hasn’t happened.

Some of these things have yet to transpire. One method to silence certain Twitter users on the right is to delay their tweets from posting. The delay can keep them from trending, or even being relevant when they’re delayed until a hot topic has passed. That is a form of censorship. That is a direct attack on free speech.

And finally I want to touch on the many ways that the left, and their legions of Social Justice Warriors are effectively silencing opposing viewpoints. Most recently this happened to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson when he was invited to speak at Mc Masters University in Canada.

Not only did the other three panelists refuse to show, so did the moderator. No prior notice was given. They just hid in shame and refused to come debate the great Doctor Peterson. What happened after that was cowardly and shameful.

Dozens of student proxies screamed and chanted slogans like; “Transphobic piece of shit,” and “This is where we draw the line!” There were other less flattering things that were hurled Jordan’s way. The screaming along with cowbells and airhorns made it impossible for him to speak.

Let’s not forget their initial tactic they used to try to keep Dr. Peterson away. They threw in a sudden security fee of thousands of dollars that the student group that invited the good doctor, would have to pay. Of course they were only given a couple days to come up with the additional funds or the speech would be cancelled. That is becoming common practice when anyone who is a conservative is invited to speak on campus; Ben Shapiro and Milo, for example.

The left claims to value free speech, but they will do anything necessary to keep from that speech being spoken if it disagrees with their twisted ideologies.

And lastly, there are the acts of violence that often precipitate a speaker coming to campus, as happened recently in Berkeley, California.

Milo was set to speak at UC Berkeley one night and Antifa and other black clad, masked cowards smashed the windows of the Student Union building, set fire to a light generator and eventually a tree near the corner of the building. Milo was forced to cancel his talk and for his safety, and that of the gathered crowd, he was whisked away to safety.

My whole theory on what happened is this. University officials did not want Milo to speak. They made that clear. They knew there would likely be violence. They stated publicly that there were threats of violence. I discovered from Facebook and other sources that antifa were planning to meet at 5pm to begin to shut the talk down. I went there with my cameras to record the event. If, with my limited sleuthing skills can discover what was going to happen, surely the university knew.

And they did.

They instructed the police to stand down so that the demonstration would turn into a full blow riot and they would have to shut down the speech before it even began. That way UC officials could say they were still a bastion of free speech, without ever having to listen to any viewpoints but that from the regressive left.

This is NOT free speech.

I cannot believe this is happening in a country whose core values are centered around being able to say whatever you like without fear of arrest,or being silenced. I could go on and on, but I think I have said enough for now. If you value freedom of speech, act now before it’s too late.

In a later article I’ll be going over how insidiously our freedoms are being encroached on, and how easy it is for the left to do so.

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