When The Government Parents Your Children

This article is going to be my attempt to tell the story of the Canadian Bill 89 that is up for another round of voting prior to becoming law. It has already passed the first two rounds with absolutely zero dissenters! I am going to leave the details of the bill up to those with far greater knowledge than I currently possess. At the end of this article I will link the video by Rebel Commentator Faith Goldy as well as a link to the website where you can sign a petition to get the bill stopped.

Now let’s get to our story.

Michael and Barbara Harris have a normal six year old boy named Jimmy. They live in Ontario Canada and are pretty happy with their lives. Until Jimmy comes home from school Wednesday, and in tears.

Barbara rushes over to her son who has just gotten off the bus, burst into the door and stomps his way into the kitchen where his mother is fixing a snack.

Barbara kneels down in front of her son, with obvious concern. She can’t, for the life of her, imagine how things could have gone so uncharacteristically wrong. After ten minutes of tears, huffing and puffing, then complete silence, Jimmy finally opens up.

“Mommy, I want boobies now. Girls get all the good stuff at school, an everybody likes them better.”

Barbara is understandably confused. This is about the last thing she thought she would ever hear coming out of the mouth of her son. Before long it all begins to make sense though.

Jimmy goes to a school with, no surprise, predominantly female teaching staff and administrators. Jimmy’s teacher is female as well, and Ms. Boon likes to keep an orderly classroom. Like many female teachers she is uncomfortable with boys expressing their ‘boyness’. Natural roughhousing, normal play that boys often engage just makes her job that much harder.

Ms. Boon does not realize, or care, that boys need their rough and tumble play to learn how to interact with each other. It’s how they learn boundaries, learn about their own bodies, their body’s limits, and how to become men. Taking that away, while it might make for an easier class environment, can be permanently damaging for future generations of men. So like most female teachers, Ms. Boon actively suppresses the boys natural play and takes measures to get them to model their behavior around the ‘well behaved’ girls.

Jimmy has grown tired of being told that his normal desires are disruptive to the class and in effect, is bad behavior. She often points to groups of girls quietly playing on the playground and says things like; “why can’t you be more like them, Jimmy?” And when Jimmy and the other boys cannot be more like the girls, they are often punished; usually in the form of losing recess time and being forced to sit indoors and read or just look at picture books. If their boyish behavior continues, it’s a visit to Ms. Grayson, the school Principal.

Jimmy’s mother had no idea this was even going on in the classroom, and it was unthinkable to her that her son and the other boys would be treated this way. Treated, and made to behave like little girls. Jimmy has had enough! He wants to be a girl.

“They get anything they want, and they never get into trouble!” Jimmy complains.

And that is why Jimmy has decided he want to be a girl. Not so shocking really; especially when you consider some of the ideologies that are already being taught in he classroom. In fact, one day an angry young woman came into the class to talk to them about choosing their own gender. She even read to them the popular children’s book, “Some girls have periods.” Then she began to tell them that some boys have penises and some girls have vaginas. She informs her young, impressionable class that at any point in time they can decide their own gender, and are given an example of some of the genders they might later choose.

One day Melissa might decide tone a boy, while his best friend Billy may one day decide to become a girl. The class is taught that there is no difference between boys and girls, men or women. It’s all a matter of what they might feel on a given day and they can choose any gender along a vast spectrum of choices.

Confused? So was Jimmy, and the rest of the class.

One day the class was visited by a man identifying as a woman, a woman identifying as a man, another who identified as an animal of some sort, and another person who moved back and forth along the length and breadth of the gender spectrum. Suddenly a class of twenty-eight fairly well adjusted first graders, have become completely confused and are now doubting their own gender; especially the boys.

So Jimmy has decided that the best way for him to avoid trouble, have everyone happy with him, is to decide to become a girl. After all, clearly they have all the advantages.

Horrified, his mother attempts to reassure her son that there is nothing wrong with how he chooses to express himself in class and at home, and he is not in any trouble. He is a normal boy who only wanted to do normal boy things on the playground at school.

Thoroughly confused and angry, Jimmy sticks to his story. He wants to become a girl. He mother is unable to get though to him, and she hopes this will all ‘blow over’.

Barbara thinks that has happened until one day there’s a knock on the door.

She is shocked to her core when she discovers that officials from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection are standing at her doorstep with serious expressions written all over their dour faces.

“What on earth could be going on?” She wondered to herself.

Unbeknownst to her, ten days ago the agency opened a case to investigate the family to determine if their child Jimmy was having his physical and emotional needs properly met.

It’s a scary, intrusion into their lives. Jimmy is corralled and questioned separately by a serious woman, while Barbara is grilled by two other women. It rapidly becomes clear that they are fishing for something, and they’re not going to like what they’re catching. After an hour they take their leave, refusing to answer any of her questions. Barbara tries to talk to Jimmy when they’ve gone but he is visibly shaken and refuses to communicate.

What Barbara does not know, is that this is not the first time someone has spoken to Jimmy about his parents and their refusal to provide therapies to aid Jimmy in transitioning to the opposite sex. She also does not know that she has basically been found guilty before she was even able to defend her position.

The next visit Barbara has from the government agency is even less pleasant when they remove her son from the home. She is understandably hysterical when she begins her search for an attorney. The question of the moment; why have they taken her child.

She will not like the answer.

The government has determined that Barbara and her husband Michael have failed to meet their son’s physical and emotional needs by denying him either puberty blockers and/or gender reassignment surgery or consultation in advance of surgery. They have neglected their son’s basic emotional and physical needs and he has been placed with a foster family who will work with the government to provide for his transition to the opposite gender.

Bottom line here; they have committed child abuse and are now paying the price. They may or may not be able to see their son again, even if he chooses to see them. In fact, it’s probably just a matter of time before he has become so brainwashed he may never ‘wake up’ and want to see them!

Life as the Harris family once knew it, is now over for good!

I realize this all sounds very futuristic, sci-fi kind of thing, but it’s not. These are the powers granted the government by Bill 89. How, you may ask, can this happen in a democratic society? And if we truly have a democracy shouldn’t this have been blocked? Here’s the reality of the situation.

Statistically, 95.5% of human beings all over the world, whether they go through a period of gender confusion or not, end up choosing to accept the gender they were born with (male or female), dress and act like that gender, and choose to have sexual relations and marry the opposite gender. It is the less than one half of one percent of the population that are having their ideologies legislated to he detriment of the 99.5% majority. How did this happen?

We let it happen through our silence.

Now if you should choose to wade through this 1”+ thick bill, and most won’t, it won’t be readily clear what is going on, and that is on purpose. Most reasonable people, when asked if the state or government should intervene in cases of child abuse, the answer is a resounding yes! And why wouldn’t you say yes? We all want what is best for the world’s children. What most people will not do is investigate enough to see what powers Bill 89 actually gives the government, and how or why they might use those powers. For most busy people, that is far too much effort.

So when the government comes knocking on YOUR door, who’s to blame? You, in part for not taking a stand. Sadly with many things in life, there are few, or no good choices. All roads lead to pain. But in choosing the pain now, you can often avoid a much greater, more damaging pain in the future.

Be sure to watch the Rebel Media video by commentator and creator Faith Goldy, and go to the website I have linked so you can sign the petition before it’s too late.

And finally, before you say, ‘but this is Canada, and I live in the US, or the UK, or somewhere else, think about this. Remember the Hate Speech Bill C16 that was passed in Canada earlier this year? Similar laws are now in place in New York and being put forth in California.

What happens in Canada, happens in New York, then California, and then the rest of the western world.

Update 09-12-17

Bill 89 passed all levels in the Canadian Government with zero resistence and is now law. Look out America, you’re next.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQWVK0yPwQk Here’s the link to the Rebel Media video by Faith Goldy

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